Peppermill Casino Reno Nevada

During the past year, the Peppermill has undergone a massive remodel, changing it from a large, blocky structure to a Las Vegas-style resort recalling a Tuscan estate. While its south Reno location often keeps it from being mentioned in the same breath as downtown casinos, it's a 10-minute drive at most, and well worth the trip.Peppermill Casino Reno Nevada

The Peppermill has taken great pains to make its spa and fitness facilities the best in the area, and it shows. The 80,000-square-foot gambling floor is also more attractive than the standard casino's. Even the swimming pools are sheltered from surrounding traffic and buildings in an effort to keep up the Italian illusion.

There are several bars and occasional concerts, but the only serious nightlife option here is Edge, an aggressively trendy spot with a large stone patio overlooking the complex. So far, the scene at this new club is hit-and-miss, not to mention overpriced. But organizers are investing plenty of cash and thought into themed nights, modeling competitions and other crowd-pleasers, so stay tuned. Look for 21-and-up pool parties starting this summer.

Among the best restaurants here are Bimini Steakhouse, fine-dining Asian bistro Chi and Romanza, a holdover from the Peppermill's old days. This award-winning Italian restaurant features an animated skydome, stone sculptures and other attractions along with handcrafted pasta and fresh seafood.

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